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Online 13-04-2021

We invite you to the meeting with Piotr Bujak, Head of Economic Research & Chief Economist, PKO Bank Polski on latest economic updatest.

Online 20-04-2021

How to balance online and offline activities when our work moved to our homes and our lives take place in virtual world?


Join National Sections Annual General Meetings:

April 21 - AGM of the Norwegian Section
April 23 - AGM of the Danish Section
April 28 - AGM ofAGM FTG
April 28 - AGM of the Swedish Section

Online 27-04-2021

What should you do when you receive an annual service charge statement? Find out how the pandemic has impacted office maintenance costs.

During our next online breakfast we’ll discuss the following topic: “East meets West: cross-cultural differences through the eyes of Asians”.

For the 4th edition of the Stena Recycling competition, as many as 57 applications were accepted in 3 competition categories, 4 main prizes and 5 distinctions were awarded.

SKANSKA has published Workplace Flexibility Vademecum. It is a practical guide to key trends in the office real estate market and how to combine traditional workspaces with their flexible variation in a reality totally changed by the pandemic.

“How to build your image offline and online”

31 March 2021 - A few months after TMF Group’s Regional Delivery Centre in Katowice began operations last year, more than 130 people are already working there.

With the second wave of the pandemic and the growing risk of the coronavirus spread, the government has decided to launch another installment of anti-crisis support.

The situation with which we are currently dealing calls for an entirely new approach to the management of business organisations and their assets

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